Configure your Home.

It’s your turn to drive.

Buying a home can be complicated. With so many options to choose and decisions to make, we know it can feel overwhelming.  That’s why we offer our “Custom Configurator,” so you can build your home the way you want, and see it for yourself.  Then, when you’re done, you can schedule a Concierge Visit at one of our home centers, where we’ll walk you through the rest of a home buying process built just for you.

Constructing a home can be complicated.  Customizing one shouldn’t be.

STEP 1: Review Your Home Details

The Anthony

3 beds

2.5 baths

1,820 sqft

When you’re ready to relax, the Anthony is your destination. Spacious but cozy, this model has everything you need in a home. Check out the features below!

Front-porch neighborhood: Get to know your neighbors as you enjoy the outdoors from home.
Fireplace: Whether for heat or ambiance, the built-in fireplace adds warmth to your home.
Spacious kitchen: Plenty of room to move and make a few of your favorite things.
Inner-courtyard design: Relax in private with a secluded courtyard for you and yours.
Amenity options: In-ground pool, above-ground fire pit or just wide open space? It’s your choice.
Recessed garage: Enjoy access in the rear of your home for two cars, more storage, or anything in-between.

2D Floorplan

(click for larger image)

STEP 2: Make it Your Own

STEP 3: Schedule Your Concierge Visit